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Who we are

We are a bunch of passionate, stubborn idealists who love what they do.

It all happened by chance, as often in life. What do you want to be when you grow up? I wanted to be a chemical engineer and set dolls and crochet aside to concoct strange and sometimes disgusting mixtures with the Little Chemist Box. I also played with a puppet theatre but got so engrossed in the stories that I ended up directing my young friends and got them to move the wooden characters on stage.

It must have been karma because what is it being a producer and a distributor if not a more mature application of those early days’ experiments. And experimenting remains the biggest drive in our lives. Whether it is taking up the challenge of finding the right home for a new ground breaking series, or listening to what a broadcaster needs to deliver exactly what is going to work for the channel, we are experimenting and pushing our abilities a bit further every day. Win or lose that has been our motto for over 25 years.

Not a solo achievement at all, but that of a team, built over the years by the successes, but above all, by the failures. It does take time for kindred spirits to find themselves and learn to fly together and we are still trying out new flight patterns and picking up new friends and colleagues as we go.

So, if you have projects that need developing and producing, or finished films, docs, kids programming that need to find a home in Italy or elsewhere and you want more than the average distributor or producer, our door is always open and freshly brewed coffee or pink drinks (depending on the time of the day) will always be expecting you. Because it takes two at least to share a vision and doing it while having a bit of fun gets the best results.



Our Customers

  • abc ABC
  • aljazeera Aljazeera
  • arte Arte
  • avro Avro
  • bbc BBC
  • discoverychannel Discovery Channel
  • dr DR
  • fox FOX
  • france television France Télévision
  • history History
  • itvs ITVS
  • la7 La7
  • laeffe Laeffe
  • mediaset Mediaset
  • natgeo National Geographic Channel
  • nhk NHK
  • pbs PBS
  • radiocanada Radio Canada Télévision
  • rai RAI
  • sbs SBS
  • sky SKY
  • svt SVT
  • yle YLE
  • zdf ZDF